After Much Effort – I’m Insured Again

My Carné card is what will get me all needed medical service;
including prescriptions, doctor visits, hospital, surgery, tests, etc.
at no extra cost to me above the $114 a month coverage fee based
on my U.S. Social Security income check deposited in a bank here. 
The instructions said bring the original of each needed document and
one copy. In my usual overkill I made 3 copies of all and took it with me.
He didn’t even want one copy beyond the originals, BUT . . .
He did not like the digital printed receipt of my electric bill and made be go for a
traditional paper bill mailed to houses with no email. Very difficult to get!
But with help of my amigo Jason Quesada & landlord, we finally got it in time.

I still have to go back to Immigration 28 July for my Cedula or residential ID card, but I am legally a resident now with full medical coverage. An American Tico? Well, more secure anyway! 🙂  

Next week I will schedule my initial appointment with the Caja doctor assigned to me, getting a physical and giving him my medical history. It will be interesting to see what they do with my Sleep Apnea and the recently discovered heart arrhythmia. For some specialists I may have to go to Alajuela or San Jose, just like with the more expensive private doctors. 

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