3 Trogons in Nicaragua

Black-headed Trogon, Montibelli Reserve, Nicaragua
This one is very common in Montibelli and we saw many!
Elegant Trogon, Montibelli Reserve, Nicaragua

Gartered Trogon, Selva Negra Reserve, Nicaragua

Trogons are one of if not my favorite group of birds and my living room here has one wall of my bird photos, most being trogons. The rare Resplendent Quetzal is actually a Trogon, just the most colorful and different of them all. My collection is growing! 🙂

For those interested in the bird locations, it was a little surprising that we did not see a trogon in El Jaguar though I probably shot more total birds there. It is higher in the mountains and in theory could have a quetzal and other trogons, but we saw none there. 
In my Costa Rica Birds photo gallery I have only 3 Trogons plus the Resplendent Quetzal photos, which really makes it 4. And on my 2013-14 holidays tour of Panama I saw 4 Trogons but no quetzal, and we were still calling the gartered violaceous at that time. And here I’ve added 3 in Nicaragua. All total counting the Quetzal, I’ve photographed 9 different species of trogons in Central America and did not see any when in the Brazilian Amazon. 
See Wikipedia on Trogons where they say there are 39 species around the world with the most being in the neotropics (24) and 12 of those in Asia. The Costa Rica bird book lists 9 and Nicaragua’s 7. 

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