Is Costa Rica Really the Most Expensive Country in Central America?

The one bad rap we have been receiving by some writers is that  Cost Rica: The Most Expensive Country in the Americas.  This linked article explains that and why it is not always true and depends on your total picture and lifestyle chosen, almost like living anywhere.

Import taxes are very high here, especially on big-ticket items like automobiles. But I chose to not have a car and get around on foot, taxis, and buses with some of the lowest public transportation costs in the world. When I add the low cost of medical care, being some of the lowest and yet best in the world, I save money. Eat local, natural food from the farmers’ market and food is cheaper as well as healthier. Eat imported U.S. products and you pay a lot more than you would in the states. There are Americans here who actually live on their Social Security Checks and some have made it an art to live on less here such as Paul & Gloria at Retire for Less in Costa Rica.  Or check out George Lundquist’s “Retire in Costa Rica on Social Security”  Tour.  It is not the most expensive place for these folks!

So it really depends on what you want to do and how much you want to spend. I splurge on some birding trips and some foods I enjoy, while living very easily without owning a car. I find Costa Rica to be a very Easy Place to Retire. And so far costing me less than the multi-level retirement center I last lived in while in the states. And I think I live in luxury! Just read my blog and decide!  🙂

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