Our Healthcare Tour Group

Our group of 8 who have traveled together for two full days visiting many hospitals & similar facilities.
I’m the smiling guy behind the two ladies on the right, in white cap and blue sunglasses, under the toucan.
Thanks to Victor, our van driver, for making the photo!
Paul Yeatman, tour leader, is in blue cap and from Maryland.
Others from Canada, South Africa, Columbia, Minnesota, Florida, Oklahoma & me from Tennessee.
Paul and I are the only ones already living here. Others are preparing to move here.

The internet connection is very slow at my little La Posada Hotel in San Ramon, taking a long time to upload the one photo above. So I will save the several other photos I want to share for after I get home tomorrow, telling what we did. It was another good day with a lot seen and done. Tune in tomorrow for a report! And I have now seen San Ramon for the first time. Opinions tomorrow.

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