Matchstick Insect or SPIDER?

Last night on wall in my bathroom. I left him there.

This morning he had moved to my bath towel.
I removed him before my shower.  🙂

“Matchstick” is not a conclusive identification, but the closest I could find online. He is not in my books. There is also a “Stick Insect” in the dry savannas of Guanacaste, but they aren’t suppose to live here and in photos they seem to have skinnier bodies. And I don’t think it is a spider. Anyone who really knows what it is, please contact me,

Emailed from Kevin Hunter: 
It’s a spider – 8 legs
Insects have 6 legs

THANKS KEVIN! You are right!

AND LATER: A note from Charles Parker with the same 8-leg, 6-leg story! Did I know that? 🙂

If you want to live and thrive, let the spider run alive.
~American Quaker Saying

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