I signed up for Skype a year ago thinking it would be easier and cheaper and more fun than the phone for people in the states. Now they are trying to “renew” my subscription with a Skype phone number on my credit card and I said “No” since Skype has not been used a single time since moving to Costa Rica. So I cancelled my subscription, at least for the number. It may still be usable through the internet without a number, not sure.

Skype is no longer a contact method, but my email and phone number work fine!  As well as postal mail!   🙂

Here’s all my contact information on my business card used here in Costa Rica and remember that for the cell phone number from U.S. dial 011 first:

Front side is for both local and overseas use.
Postal mail may take 2 weeks+ from states but is okay
and they even delivered one letter to my street address!
And the back side is just for you who live in North America.
It is like sending a letter to someone in Florida + a week more to get to me.

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