Visited New Mall Yesterday

While on business in Alajuela yesterday, I met a Tico friend there and we looked around the new mall. Some photos:

They claim it is 80% finished or maybe occupied, but did not look it to me.

You cannot drive up to front entrance yet because road is not finished! 
The entrance road coming soon!?
The street in front is bumper to bumper cars!
But they are widening it, in time. 🙂

Some Chinese tourists get photos
in front of one of many Christmas trees!

Once I got past this entrance tree I somehow forgot to make any more photos. So I will show the inside the mall another time! It is very large with stores for about anything you could possibly want. The prices were not as bad as I expected, but still expensive. The food court is large and has a good variety, but my friend wanted Taco Bell, so we did! (Somehow it seems wrong eating American Fast Food in another country!) But it was good, even though they serve french fries with every combo! ???

Today, Friday, I spent 4 hours from 7-11 at the Feria (Farmers’ Market) trying to get people to take an angel from our Su Espacio Angel Tree. We gave out 24 and still have nearly 50 left with only one week left to get sponsors. David thinks they will go fast this week. If some are not taken, we have plenty of money to buy gifts for them, BUT someone has to go shopping for them! We’ll see what happens. I may get another job. 

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