Blomfild’s Beauty

Blomfild’s Beauty,  Atenas, Costa Rica

A few days ago I displayed 3 new butterflies for me. One was on a window screen and I used the text book name Smyrna Blomfildia. Well, two days later he (or one like him) showed up in my bathroom near the ceiling above a high window. Poor light, but two better shots than the one on the screen. This beautiful butterfly is found only in Central America and Mexico, very rarely in South Texas. It is know for the very intricate bottom or closed wing pattern. This time I got a partial shot of the top wings. Neat butterfly!


Blomfild’s Beauty, Atenas, Costa Rica
This shot shows the bottom wing pattern a little better than above.
But I will add the screen shot that might show it even better.


Blomfild’s Beauty, Atenas, Costa Rica
Notice the intricate design and the multiple colors!


Nature is the art of God.
Dante Alighieri

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