I Have a Bee-ruus

I’m beginning to learn how Costa Ricans speak Spanish. I went to Dr. Candy today sick. Though she speaks perfect English and pronounced “virus” the way we do in the states, her assistant in the office and my taxista pronounced it “bee-ruus.” There is not a Spanish word for virus, so they use the English word with local pronunciation. Although there is a separate “V” sound in Spanish, a little more lispy than in English, most in Central America pronounce it like “B.” All “I’s” are pronounced like a long E and most “U’s” are pronounced like uuuu. Languages are fun!

I have meds and electrolytes to take and a list of what foods I can eat and not eat. So I should feel better soon. I am to go back if not better by Thursday. Medical care here is done very well, just mostly in Spanish!   🙂

Since all my posts have photos, here’s an unrelated butterfly shot made recently:

Colored like a Duskywing and tail like a Swallowtail but no match so far!
And a green head! If you know what it is, please contact me!

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