Blue-gray Tanager

Blue-gray Tanager in my Yellow Bells Tree
It is the fattest, bluest, and grayest I have seen of this species.

Singing for me! I’m surrounded by bird music all day!

If into birds, here’s a List of the Birds of Costa Rica (894) and of course they are not all big colorful toucans, macaws and parrots, but we have those too! This tanager was shot during lunch on a cloudy, gray, overcast day.

And oh yes, I forgot to tell you that a hummingbird got into my house the other day. I was so busy opening screens so he could get out that I didn’t get a photo before he flew away. They are occasional visitors in my garden, though not as many as the butterflies. And a some of the flower blooms are gone now for awhile, so it will be up and down. 

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