First Vistas

First view is toward downtown Atenas and mountain range.
Trees on right are neighbor yards.

The vista from La Jacaranda was of the close hills of Atenas where this is more expansive, looking over Atenas to the mountain ranges that include Poas and Arenal Volcanoes. So it is quite different. If I walk up to the top of my hill in my landlord’s yard I can see downtown Atenas and the church steeple at Central Park and the mountains to the west (same if I walk up the road in front of my house – photo below).

View from about one block up the road from my house with sunshine.
The Central Park church steeple is on the left.
Amazing difference 50 to 100 feet makes! But they pay for these views!
Yet I can walk up there anytime to look or photograph!  🙂

My view to the west for sunsets is from the end of the balcony on the left in top photo. You look through trees and power lines, thus no wide view of the sunset. Same from both bedrooms. I’ll show some shots of that tomorrow. 
That road you see bottom center in front of my house (1st & 3rd photos) is heading straight toward downtown Atenas, where I walk daily. It is just one mile from my house to Central Park and 1.2 to the supermarket I use most often, the Cooperative. Maxi Pali, the other supermarket, is about 1.6 miles I’m guessing, 2 miles at most. I haven’t measured it yet.

I just made a new shot from my balcony right after the afternoon shower which is not as expansive as the 2-pix panorama at top but what I see in one direction:

As the afternoon shower stops, looking northwest from my balcony.
I live in the foothills of the mountains, a dream life!

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