New Frog Species Discovered – My Earth Day Post

New Frog Species Discovered in Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica.
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In a time when many frog species are going extinct because of fungus and diseases around the world, it is encouraging that scientists have discovered a new species of glass frog in Costa Rica. Hyalinobatrachium dianae was discovered in the Talamanca mountains of Costa Rica. April, 2015.  That is one of my favorite places in southern Costa Rica where I have twice photographed the Resplendent Quetzal from both Sevegre Mountain Lodge and Trogon Lodge. These glass frogs can be tiny and are known for transluscent skin on their undersides, showing their internal organs. Neat! The only glass frog I have photographed was not this cool looking. He was photographed last month in Manuel Antonio National Park. Unfortunately neither photo shows the underside of the frog.

For the ones who read this regularly you are probably ready for a break! I will not have internet connection immediately in the new house since I’m responsible for my own utilities. It is not likely to happen fast! If it is longer than a week, I’ll report back from an internet cafe maybe.  🙂

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