Tarcoles Trees

Palms and a Tour Boat like the one we were on

In case you are tired of birds, here’s some trees! But I do have more bird photos to share if nothing exciting happens around home the next few days.  🙂  Here are 5 trees photographed from our boat and I’m sorry I haven’t researched the proper names of any except the one already photographed in Atenas. I just like looking at trees regardless what they are called!  🙂  Always, you can click a photo to see it larger.


The shapes, the designs, the colors, the strength, all awe me!


Pink Trumpet Tree or Roble de Sabana
See earlier posts: one from balcony and one up close.
It seems to be this month’s blooming tree, like Poro last month.


Lone Wolf!


“Umbrella Tree” said our guide.
Look close for cow under it on left, avoiding the sun.

My Trip Advisor Review of this trip with photos!

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  1. "Umbrella Tree" – Are you sure that's not a Smokey Mountain bear?

    E & I have really enjoyed your daily posts. We are delighted you are delighted. Though missed in Music City (sometimes called "Ice Tundra") we are so glad you are happy and continuing your quest for life-long learning.

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