El Doctor y Farmacia Today

Now I have an English-speaking doctor, Dr. Candy, a caring and perceptive medical doctor less than a mile from the apartments or maybe one mile. I have her number and can call at any time. She has a lot of local patients but also does a lot with expats and tourists when needed and on call anytime. The visit and examination, diagnosis, and suggested treatment cost only $50 USD, while the four prescriptions cost a little more than that. Plus I must ride in Taxi’s and not walk until I’m breathing better she prescribed.

I have something like bronchitis that could develop into pneumonia, thus antibiotics for 5 days and see how I’m doing. Plus I got one of those bronchial breathing things, cough syrup, and something else to help clear out the phlegm.

My intention was to go from her office to a place I can buy a sim card for my phone, but she said no, get meds and go home and rest. So I am resting on a hot afternoon, but not using a/c, just staying on east side of apartment. Nights are very cool and use at least a blanket with window open.

So much more to tell and share, but one little bit at a time. Today I had soup from the Quebec couple above again and my next door neighbors from Switzerland made my doctor appointment. My friends from tour, Mark & Tina will be back the 1st. 

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