AARP: Atenas One of Best Places to Retire

“El Mejor Clima del Mundo”: the best climate in the world says NatGeo
Image from AARP Website
Read what AARP says about the town that is about to become my new retirement hometown:

Also this real estate website has capitalized on the AARP’s proclamation with an interesting site of their own & good photos, one of which I copied below:

We Love Costa Rica  Just be aware that they are selling real estate! 
Oxcart Parade in Atenas

YouTube 1 Minute Video
International Living Description
Atenas City Guide on “Visit Costa Rica” site
Google Images (Not all made in Atenas, like the beach photos.)
Costa Description  (View slide show & Oxcart Video)
Wikipedia Description
MapQuest Map of Atenas  (Just zoom in)
Vista Atenas B&B  (Instead of my guest room? – for more privacy maybe?) And their site has photos, video, & info on Atenas & check out these hotels:
Eden Atenas  Boutique Hotel, Atenas
Barons Resort  Boutique Hotel, Atenas
El Cafetal Inn hotel in Atenas
Hacienda La Jacaranda (apartments where I will live)
Poco Cielo Resort in Atenas
RE/MAX Real Estate in Atenas
Properties in Costa Rica – Atenas Real Estate
Atenas on “Anywhere Costa Rica” site (3 photos, no info)
Vacation Rentals in Atenas

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