Call From Tour Leader – Ready to Go!

Yesterday Christopher Howard, the director of “Live in Costa Rica Tours” called me to give last minute details about pickup at airport Saturday and answer the many questions I keep asking. I’m excited about having “boots on the ground” in my continued search for whether or not this is the best thing for me to do. Right now I’m certainly favoring a move while looking for good reasons why I shouldn’t do it. I’m in Costa Rica August 23–September 5 and plan to post a photo and report each night that I have internet connection and it isn’t too late when I get in my hotel room. See my itinerary.

Now that it is widely known what I am doing next week, it is fun hearing the questions and comments from friends who find this concept of moving abroad rather strange and some even dangerous. Of course I’m the forever educator and helping many Nashvillians learn a lot about life in Costa Rica.   🙂  While other friends who know be pretty well are not surprised at all that I would consider moving to Costa Rica!

Landing at the San Jose International Airport 2009
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