Morning Panorama

These mountains or a wider vista of them is one of the things I look at during breakfast every morning that I’m at home, though I have never been able to fully capture exactly what I see. Here is another effort with a 5-shot panorama. You can see many of the other efforts in my GALLERY: From My Roca Verde Terrace – and just like sunrises and sunsets, no two are alike! 🙂 ¡Pura vida!

Morning Vista from My Terrace

¡Pura Vida!

Central Valley Vista

Xandari is on a hill overlooking the great central valley of Costa Rica between the mountain in all four directions. My last morning here had maybe the clearest sky of the weekend and thus this expansive view of our Central Valley. Atenas is located somewhere in the right side of the photo or west of Xandari which is pretty much in the center of the valley.

Central Valley of Costa Rica from Room #4 at Xandari Resort, Alajuela. Atenas is somewhere on the right side of photo.

¡Pura Vida!

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Vistas, Beaches, Sunrises, Sunsets Costa Rica

Joys of Flight

Not only does flying save me time and tiredness but I nearly always get at least one surprise photo on the little 30 to 40 minutes flights over Costa Rica. This latest flight to Liberia and back gave me many photos, but just two special ones today: The above photo of a very tall  unknown waterfall with no roads around it! — My main prize! Saw it just south of Liberia and hope to find out its name, though I think it is isolated from tourists!

And again we fly over Atenas and I get a good photo showing much in Central Atenas (Central Park, church, schools) plus the roof of my house in the upper left corner to left of the little roundish cow pasture. The string of houses over the hill is Phase 1 of Roca Verde where I live near the bottom of the hill by cow pasture.   🙂

Flying over Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica.


“There is no sport equal to that which aviators enjoy while being carried through the air on great white wings.”
~Wilbur Wright, 1905

¡Pura Vida!


And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul.

~John Muir

Day Vistas

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Sunset Vistas

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All from a week at Cristal Ballena Hotel, Uvita

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Bonus Article

From the “Live in Costa Rica Blog”   —  What is the best way to do one’s due diligence for retiring or living in Costa Rica?

¡Pura Vida!

Mirador de Orosi

View of Village of Orosi 
Mirador de Orosi, Costa Rica
View of Reventazón River 
Mirador de Orosi, Costa Rica


Mirador de Orosi, Costa Rica


Mirador de Orosi, Costa Rica

More photos of Mirador de Orosi

Or see all of my Orosi Trip photos in the TRIP Gallery: 2018-February 6-10–Orosi/Tapanti

¡Pura Vida!

Tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) I go to a special
Cirque du Soleil Musical Show in Alajuela


Read about it at (with photos & videos) It will be one of the few Cirque du Soleil shows in Spanish and honors or remembers the most popular of all rock bands in Latin America, Soda Stereo of Argentina. Think of it as similar to the shows Cirque du Soleil did on Michael Jackson, The Beatles and Elvis. I saw the one honoring the Beatles and it was really good! So hope this will be too! Different and colorful anyway! That’s for sure!  🙂


And meanwhile in Atenas people are getting ready for the “Festival of Life” in March:
Partly to raise money for the children’s home my Nashville friends are coming to work in: