Newest Book is Now Out! Caribe Tuanis

Here’s the LINK to the photo book of my trip two weeks ago: Caribe Tuanis    Click title to REVIEW the book electronically in my bookstore, all pages for free!  Best seen at Full Screen!

Jumping at Bribri Watsi Waterfall

The title is my fusion of two Costa Rica slang words and is not grammatically   correct Spanish! One Tico tried to get me to add “El” like “The” in English. No. “Caribe” is CR slang or short for Caribbean which I think is used in English some also and the slang word “Tuanis” is like the American slang of earlier years “Cool.” So my English translation of the title would be “Caribbean Cool.” 

Three-toed Sloth this year – Rare face shot

Since my last year’s book on the Caribbean was all birds and nature, I wanted to do something different this year, featuring teens jumping off a waterfall and surfers riding the waves plus Bribri Indigenous People, and of course the Rastas of all Caribbean Culture.  Enjoy!

¡Pura Vida!

What Makes Costa Rica Appealing?

Of the Pacific from an available lot at Partasol,
An Ecological Development we visited today.
Playa Hermosa on the Pacific Coast South
A surfer at Manuel Antonio Beach today
This morning’s Toucan is so much better than last night’s I think!

White-faced Capuchin Monkey

And all of this was just today’s visits and photos!
There are 13 of us on the Pacific tour with two more joining us for the Central Valley Tour and Seminar. We are all seriously considering a move to Costa Rica, mostly for retirement. A fun group and great food!