Celebrating in Costa Rica!

  1. Hurricane Eta Rains are gone and we have blue skies!
  3. And Trump is gone!

The featured photo is looking towards my house from my street along side the cow pasture. The visible house on the left is my neighbor across the driveway from my house which is hidden in the clump of trees behind that street light. I like being in the woods! 🙂

The “Big House” is barely showing on top of our hill which our landlord has rented out since he now lives on the beach north of Jaco. And that’s today in my neighborhood! 🙂

“Love thy neighbor — but don’t pull down your hedge.”

~Benjamin Franklin


¡Pura Vida!

Costa Rica Elections & Politics

A sampling of small town political action in Atenas for a national election.
My favorite is this guy walking around town waving his party flags.
Atenas, Costa Rica
Here he is at the entrance to Mercado Central
Atenas, Costa Rica

A rare house with a large Presidential Candidate sign.
Atenas, Costa Rica
While more houses just fly their party flag. 
Atenas, Costa Rica
And this commercial space rented for a candidate or party headquarter.
Atenas, Costa Rica
And one-on-one talk with
handing out of flyers for a candidate
Atenas, Costa Rica

On February 4 Costa Rica will elect a new President and new legislature. I think local elections are at a different time. Of course I am not involved in any way with no opinion and will never vote since I don’t plan to become a citizen which is more involved than just being a legal resident, which I am. As a citizen of the states I can still vote absentee for state and national offices but not local offices. I have to vote through the last precinct I lived in which is Old Hickory since I was last at McKendree Village.

For more, read this Tico Times article on Understanding Costa Rica Elections

Of course the big city of San Jose has billboards and more aggressive campaigning.
Photo copied from  Tico Times.
San Jose, Costa Rica