More Beaches & Another Sunset

I’ve already shown the main beach at Flamingo Beach. (Click to see again.) It ties with Hermosa as the two best or prettiest beaches seen. I was not excited about our Tiny Hotel Paradise Beach we walked down the cliff on steps to get to which is down the road from the real Flamingo Beach above. Here’s THREE OTHER BEACHES WE SAW:

Tamarindo Beach was my least favorite, yet it had the most people and
was the biggest and busiest beach town with most housing, shops, restaurants.
There were a lot of surfers here who I guess go out beyond those rocks or
at a different spot. This is where we saw possible rent houses, but
the last I heard from John, he is probably not going to buy one.

Playa Hermosa or “Beautiful Beach”
The one in Guanacaste – there are 3 or 4 in Costa Rica with this name!
I think it is prettier than the bigger one in Flamingo, just not as long.

Coco Beach (As sun is setting)
North of Flamingo and Hermosa with brown sand but more recreational.
It is the “Central Park” of the local community with big Catholic Church
across from it and the big soccer field. There is a long boardwalk (sidewalk)
along the whole beach with children’s playgrounds, skateboard ramp, volleyball,
basketball, and many restaurants and bars right on the beach, plus statues, showers,
water fountains, flower gardens, etc. The best beach for local people and children!

Coco Beach Restaurant/Bar
We sat in this restaurant for a drink and watched Tico families walk by with
little children on tricycles or running and playing beyond those flowers.
Further down teens were skateboarding or playing volley ball and
a few were on the beach. Sorry I didn’t make more photos! A people place!
Then back to Flamingo Beach . . .

Another Flamingo Beach Sunset
We went back to our favorite restaurant for dinner, Coco Loco & sunset!

Flamingo Beach Sunset Changes Color!
Watching the sun set while eating a great seafood meal is the perfect way to
end another day of adventure in Costa Rica! And I found another A+ restaurant!
I would even consider living on the beach just for these scenes if it were not
So I am sticking with my mountain sunsets, perfect weather, and lower costs.  🙂

I am thankful that John invited me to go with him to the beaches and the jungle boat ride! I got to see a whole new part of Costa Rica this week and it is as cool as all the other parts I’ve seen. Plus seeing several condos and how people live there compared to Atenas was fun and educational. Of course my favorite part was the boat trip on Rio Tempisque in Palo Verde Park! My next trip is the end of September to Manzanilla on the southern Caribbean coast where I will stay in a luxury safari tent hotel on the beach adjacent to a wildlife reserve. Hoping for more new birds and experiences. I got two new birds photographed this trip! (Crested Caracara & Crane Hawk) Now here’s one last photo from this trip, shot through the glaring windshield on our way to Palo Verde:

A Tamandua Anteater ran across this road as did an Agouti, but sorry, no photos!     🙂

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What Makes Costa Rica Appealing?

Of the Pacific from an available lot at Partasol,
An Ecological Development we visited today.
Playa Hermosa on the Pacific Coast South
A surfer at Manuel Antonio Beach today
This morning’s Toucan is so much better than last night’s I think!

White-faced Capuchin Monkey

And all of this was just today’s visits and photos!
There are 13 of us on the Pacific tour with two more joining us for the Central Valley Tour and Seminar. We are all seriously considering a move to Costa Rica, mostly for retirement. A fun group and great food!