Crested Owl Jungle Challenge

One of the Maquenque Managers took me out into the thick rainforest today where one of the new Treehouses is being built, while the workers were on their lunch break.  🙂  They discovered the roosting place for a couple of Crested Owls at eye level from one new treehouse in the forest, but hidden from the normal human eyes behind the limbs and leaves of the large tree they’re in. It was impossible to get a good photo, but here are three shots that show three different things: first the top 2/3 of one with the second shot showing the bottom 2/3 of one and the third shot showing a portion of both owls, just to show that there are two there!  🙂  They weren’t poising on an open limb for me!  🙂

Shooting through the foliage is a common challenge when birding in a forest anywhere and could be a part of your challenge if you come stay in a treehouse at Maquenque, but in my past stays in treehouses here I’ve also had some very clear shots of toucans, spider monkeys and howler monkeys; so don’t let a little jungle challenge stop you from a great experience here at Maquenque Eco Lodge & Reserve! (Link to lodge website.)

Top 2/3 of a Crested Owl, Maquenque Eco Lodge, Costa Rica

You can sort of see the “crests” which seemed to be relaxed while resting.

Bottom 2/3 of a Crested Owl, Maquenque Eco Lodge, Costa Rica
And the most I could capture of the two birds together! You can barely see that there are 2! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

And you may want to see my Crested Owl Gallery, though I have only one other photo.

And you can read about them on eBird. Found in Central America and the northern half of South America.