The “Perfect” Motmot Portraits

🙂 This Lesson’s Motmot, Momotus lessonii (formerly Blue-crowned) was healthy, with good color, and best of all, the tail was not broken like in most of my photos of Motmots, plus both medallions at the end of his tail were in perfect condition! Then to top that off, he posed on all sides, front and back, facing both left and right! These are my best ever Motmot photos and to think that I almost missed them because my lens was fogging up from the morning rain! 😊 But removing the protective lens solved that problem! And though it rained all night, we had sun all morning and it was a very good morning with lots of both birds and butterflies to photograph! My Thanksgiving Blessing! 🙂 And check out my Lesson’s Motmot GALLERY for more photos of this beautiful bird! And here’s three of many shots from this morning . . .

Lesson’s Motmot, Macaw Lodge, Carara National Park, Costa Rica.
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Morning Coffee & Wildlife

Friends up the hill invited me for coffee on their terrace yesterday where they have both a hummingbird feeder and a fruit feeder to attract more birds. And though they too have had fewer birds this year of El Niño weather, they get more than me because of their feeders and maybe their location adjacent the Calle Nueva Forest. Here’s what I was able to photograph while drinking coffee and talking a lot, though the one hummingbird never slowed down enough for a shot. 🙂

Lesson’s Motmot

4 birds, 2 insects and one iguana . . .

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Hiding Motmots

Two Lessons Motmots (eBird link) were in my Higueron, Ficus, or “Strangler Fig Tree” the other day, the first I’ve seen in my yard since one on June 6, so maybe that means they are starting to return. As you can see, these two were very difficult to photograph before they flew off, with this tree having more limbs and leaves to hide behind than my Cecropia! And I got only one shot showing the long tail with a pendant on the end. But I was still excited to have them here again! See my GALLERY of Lessons Motmots in Costa Rica I’ve photographed all over Costa Rica since moving here in 2014.

Lessons Motmot, Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Below is another shot of this bird and a couple of shots of the other one . . .

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