My Table & Pix at Art Fair

This was where I spent most of last weekend at my table in the pre-Christmas art fair called Just In Time or JIT. I sold more than a lot of the others but not near enough to make it worth the work, time and expense. This will be my last time for this show and I’m out of the Galería January 14, meaning that after that if you want any of my pix for wall art, in books, on merchandise, etc., you will have to go through my website and order online. I’m no longer selling stuff in person! :-)

Interesting side note: In one of the photos below you will see the word “Pizza” on the next building. It was not open last weekend but will be sometime this week and it will be the very first American chain fast food in Atenas: Papa John’s Pizza! :-) It will be interesting to see if they make it with locally owned pizza places literally all over town! Plus other themed restaurants here also serve pizza, so I question the business decision, but pizza is very popular here (especially with the young) and they may have the marketing skills, the money (and lower prices) to put all the locals out of business like Walmart does when they move into other communities. Fortunately Walmart is not in Atenas as such, though they are the owners of two local supermarkets, Maxi-Pali and the smaller Pali Supermercado which do have lower prices and Walmart-brand stuff, but neither the quality overall nor service of the local cooperative supermercado that I prefer. I try to avoid such American places and don’t plan to eat pizza at Papa John’s! :-) As a smaller town we have been fortunate to avoid the invasion of American fast-food joints that are all over San Jose and Alajuela. Here’s 4 photos of my stuff at the weekend art fair . . .

My Table at the top of stairs going up to most of shops, including Galería Artenas.
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Art Fair Starts Today!

If you live in or near Atenas, I hope to see you this weekend at the “Just in Time for the Holidays” Art Fair at Calle 2 Plaza and Gallería Artenas.

Get the one of a kind gifts for everyone on your holiday list, or for yourself at the third annual Just in Time for the Holidays Art and Artisanal feria.  Over 20 local artists will be featured this year, including many of the past year’s favorites.  The art fair will be held December 8th, 9th, and 10th at Calle 2 Plaza, located next to Linea Vital in Central Atenas.  As in past years 10% of all sales will be donated to Rescate Animales Atenas, the Atenas Red Cross, Animales Atenas and the Atenas food bank.   Hours are:  Friday 3pm-7pm, Saturday 10 am -7pm and Sunday 10 am -2 pm. This feria is sponsored by Galeria Artenas. 

NOTE: This may be my last time to offer my “Nature As Art” in this show (still debating on my future in it) but I am definitely leaving the Gallería Artenas January 14, so now is the time to get my artwork in person in two places at once! My greeting cards and accent pillows will be only in the Gallería Artenas while everything else will be just outside on the beautiful new Calle 2 Plaza at my Art Fair table! This year I’m featuring a new Calendar 2024 of beautiful Costa Rica Butterflies! Plus a few new “Feliz Navidad” nature Christmas Cards! Come check it out!

In the future my photo art will continue to be available online through multiple sources by way of my website/blog! On my website/blog menu just click Gallery or Bookstore or CafePress for Wall Art & Books to Coffee Mugs & Accent Pillows! And my Nature As Art will continue to be available on the internet! Hey! I’m retired, 83 years old, and keep trying to make myself slow down! But I will never stop photographing nature! 🙂 And I’ll continue posting the photos on my blog! Sign up for that if not already subscribing. 🙂

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