That “Flying Leaf” is a Moth!

I thought I saw a new kind of butterfly through the kitchen window and ran out with my camera and it was just another Banded Peacock which I’ve had scads of recently. But then I saw a brownish dead leaf fly into some of the plants in my garden (flapping its wings). I had to run get my cellphone to get close enough to it. I was hoping it would be one of the Leafwing Butterflies but now I’m pretty sure it is one of the thousands of moths that look like dead leaves and I haven’t found an ID yet. Here’s the three shots I got before he flew away, all with cellphone . . .

I believe it is probably a small moth, many of which imitate leaves. Leafwing butterflies are shaped differently.
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Brush that dead leaf off the counter!

That’s what I did and it just flew away when I touched it. Life in the rainforest is interesting!

“Dead Leaf” Moth or  Lonomia moth
Inside my house, Roca Verde, Atenas, Costa Rica

When you leave your doors open during the day you can find some really interesting creatures around the house! Read about him on Wikipedia.  This one is called Taturana in Spanish. 

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Dead Leaf Insect?

Unknown Insect
On my bedroom wall, Atenas, Costa Rica

Unknown Insect
On my bedroom wall, Atenas, Costa Rica
NOTE: this side view w/ something like a tail?
And curl like a dead leaf. Inch and a half long maybe.
2 inches?

There are several “dead leaf” insects in the books & online, even butterflies & moths, but I could not find one like this guy! Am I discovering new species?  🙂  Truly a land of discovery here!

As usual, I just went to bed without worrying about him and he was gone the next morning! Either a meal for one of my geckos or left the house, hid somewhere else in the house or died like many insects do every night.

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