Apology & Moving Sale!

Okay, the last post about not trying to extend life aggressively after age 75 offended some people and that is not what I intended. I’m just saying I’ll not worry about how much longer I live and I’ll probably live longer than average. I’m still trying to eat healthy and stay active (but do eat a dessert now and then!)   🙂  But if you didn’t go to the link and read the article, you missed a very interesting concept. And my oncologist friend at church yesterday told me about some situations where he has extended life of people already in their 80’s and I told him, yeah, I might let him do that to me. But I’m not afraid to die and don’t want to go to great lengths.

Now the move to Atenas, Costa Rica is serious and I am selling my stuff, first at a antique/thrift shop kind of place here at McKendree and big things via friends and Craig’s List. I have a Moving Sale Page on my website. I have a business card ordered from VistaPrint that looks like this:

And I’ve already sold $135 worth before the shop opens this Saturday. Plus I have items listed on my eBay Store where I’ve sold one set of books and one set of movies for close to $100 to people in Delaware and New York. And I have a friend who says he will buy my library shelves and matching furniture. So it is starting to happen! The car and washing machine are to go at the last minute, but hope to have them pre-sold. I just answered a phone call from someone who wanted the washer/dryer now, but I’m holding them until the last week. Let me know if you want any of my stuff. I’m not going to store it all! And I’ll have to give away most books, so come help yourself!