Cortez Amarillo

The Cortez Amarillo or Gold Trumpet Tree is one of many yellow blooming trees in Costa Rica this time of year. It is different from the Yellow Bells Tree that I have in my yard that blooms with its leaves on, while this one has just flowers before the leaves come out. This first one is on the hill behind my house and the second shot at the Tribunal or Courthouse in Central Atenas.

Cortez Amarillo or Gold Trumpet Tree, Atenas, Costa Rica
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January Yellow – Far and Wide!

Around the first of January every year in Costa Rica the skylines, forest tops and trees in every direction seem to be ablaze in yellow. In my yard it is what we call “Yellow Bells” in English, while many others here and throughout the country are the Yellow Cortez Tree and in other places the Brazilian Fire Tree. These shots are from recent short morning walks through my neighborhood. CLICK image to see larger . . .

“How lovely yellow is! It stands for the sun.”

– Vincent Van Gogh

¡Pura Vida!

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And more photos from Arenal & Caño Negro are coming! I’m still organizing photos! 🙂

Yellow Corteza Tree!

Corteza Tree or Tabebuia ochracea
On the hill just opposite by house
Roca Verde, Atenas, Costa Rica


Seen from my Living Room
Roca Verde, Atenas, Costa Rica
And seen from a walk today over the hill.
The big yellow tree on right is same as other photos. Look carefully to see 3 other yellow trees & a light lavender one.
My house is left of center, the small orange roof below or to right of the big orange roof with solar panel (landlord’s).
Cellphone shot, Atenas, Costa Rica

This Corteza Tree is not to be confused with what I call “Yellow Bell Tree” or some call Yellow Trumpet Tree that bloomed earlier here and which I have in my yard. Earlier this dry season on the same hill above was a beautiful orange blooming tree, called the Oro Tree and I shared a photo on my blog when at the apartments, follow the link. But can’t find one made on this hill.

In the last month and currently are also some pink blossom trees called Roble de sabana or Pink Trumpet Tree which I also showed a photo of when at the apartments. There will also be a few lavender trees and some with white blooms too.

Why do so many trees bloom in the dry season? They defoliate or lose their leaves and the new growth starts with blooms that turn to leaves that will soon be nourished by the coming rainy season which is also called the green season here! I’m ready for rain! It usually starts in May.

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