New Graffiti at High School

I consider this kind of graffiti “real art” and especially these on the back wall behind Colegio Liceo Atenas where one section was recently replaced with this thought-provoking work of art. I have always assumed that this “Graffiti Wall” is officially sanctioned by the high school and that probably an art teacher is responsible for overseeing it. A great way for adolescents to express themselves!

¡Pura Vida!

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Teens in the Park More Now

Though masks are still required in all public places, rebellious teens often shed them after school and are now socializing after school in Central Park. The other day I sat on one of the concrete benches around the modern circular Kiosk and watched some high schoolers getting together around this and other areas of the park. Here’s 3 shots of teens and 1 of a little kid . . . 🙂

High School Students after school in the park! In front of the ugly construction fence.
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New Youth Art

The wall on the back side of Colegio Liceo (College Prep High School) had all its graffiti painted over with black paint and new graffiti-style art painted – I assume by the high school art class students, though they signed each piece like a street artist (possibly wannabes).   🙂    Freshness is always good and though not my favorite style of art, it seems to be typical of teenagers today around the world.

It is important to me because I walk down this street almost every day and have to look at it.    🙂

New High School Graffiti

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”       ~Pablo Picasso


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¡Pura Vida!

Conversational English Club

This is 12 of the 19 in the Conversational English Club meeting after school Mondays.
Optional, not required for very busy teens involved in sports, arts, etc. that sometimes conflict.
They are such a delightful group of kids, so friendly, kind, and respectful. Grades 8-11.
In January they will go as exchange students to a school in a Virginia suburb of D.C.
They are much like teenagers everywhere and yet different in a positive & cultural way.
I have come to love everyone of them!
Colegio Liceo de Atenas
Atenas, Costa Rica

See the school’s Cool YOUTube Video

The school’s Facebook page:   where you need to drill down to posts, photos, or videos to learn more about the school. This school is one more reason Atenas is a very special place to me! 
And oh yes, the one’s without uniform shirts changed as soon as school was out!  🙂  One reason for backpacks and lockers! And FYI, I’m the happy old man in the center of the back row.   🙂  ~Photo by George Holmes, my neighbor and helper in the club, made on my cellphone. Gracias Jorge!
Do you think they will go to Virginia speaking with a southern accent because of me?   🙂

NOTE: For those who read this and knew my artist neighbor Anthony Jeroski, who moved back to the states June 1. I just got word that he died July 16. No explanations. He made my garden art bird sculpture that I like so much. RIP Anthony.