New Neighborhood Swimming Pool

Complete with Racing Lanes, It opened this morning for an event.
I think it is a private club promoting triathlons, but no sure.
Atenas, Costa Rica

See my March 6 post on the construction of this commercial facility, complete with sign describing the purpose of it. I think the early morning event here was a small triathlon for primary school children, probably to promote the facility and gain membership. My neighbor walked by between 7:30 and 8:00 this morning seeing a couple of hundred parents and children here and then later saw the children running through town. I missed the activity but cellphone photoed the pool that I walk past every day on my way to town. There is a high interest in health and sports here, though not a lot can afford a private club, if that is what it is. 

Triathlon “Motivational Quote”

Conversational English Club

This is 12 of the 19 in the Conversational English Club meeting after school Mondays.
Optional, not required for very busy teens involved in sports, arts, etc. that sometimes conflict.
They are such a delightful group of kids, so friendly, kind, and respectful. Grades 8-11.
In January they will go as exchange students to a school in a Virginia suburb of D.C.
They are much like teenagers everywhere and yet different in a positive & cultural way.
I have come to love everyone of them!
Colegio Liceo de Atenas
Atenas, Costa Rica

See the school’s Cool YOUTube Video

The school’s Facebook page:   where you need to drill down to posts, photos, or videos to learn more about the school. This school is one more reason Atenas is a very special place to me! 
And oh yes, the one’s without uniform shirts changed as soon as school was out!  🙂  One reason for backpacks and lockers! And FYI, I’m the happy old man in the center of the back row.   🙂  ~Photo by George Holmes, my neighbor and helper in the club, made on my cellphone. Gracias Jorge!
Do you think they will go to Virginia speaking with a southern accent because of me?   🙂

NOTE: For those who read this and knew my artist neighbor Anthony Jeroski, who moved back to the states June 1. I just got word that he died July 16. No explanations. He made my garden art bird sculpture that I like so much. RIP Anthony.

Enjoyed high school kids this afternoon

Every Monday afternoon until early December George and I are helping a group of high school kids practice their English in preparation for their student exchange trip to Virginia in January. It is not easy for them just like Spanish is not easy for me. But practice is the most important thing about learning a language! Today I had them pull a household object or toy dollhouse furniture from a bag and explain what it is and say one sentence using the word, in English of course! Our focus today was the host home they would be staying in for two weeks.

I haven’t felt comfortable photographing them yet. Maybe next week I can share a photo of the group “Club conversacional inglés.” 

Front Entrance to Liceo Atenas

Kids walking home after school

Grasshopper & ESL Class

Grasshopper in my Garden
Atenas, Costa Rica

This is one of more than 11,000 species of grasshoppers in Costa Rica. I have yet found a good source of identification of grasshoppers, thus in my gallery only one has a name.

My Photo Gallery:  Other Insects


I was asked by a friend and English teacher at Colegio Liceo to lead an after-school “club” of 10 students going on a student exchange program for two weeks in the USA, to a Virginia suburb of DC. It is basically a conversational English class or group to help them be able to talk to people better on their trip. Last night was our first weekly hour meeting over the next three months and my neighbor George has agreed to help. He was a 5th-6th grade teacher in Arizona and is ESL Certified. He will have the class by himself Sept. 4 when I’m in the Caribe.

Last night we got introduced and learned the names, grade levels and interests of the 8 students that showed up (Grades 8-11). I had learning games on greetings, travel problem phrases, and restaurant phrases. For many of them their English vocabulary is worse than my Spanish vocabulary (which is minimal), so we quickly learned that we have a long ways to go for them to have normal conversations in the states. I’m creating my own lesson plans by researching online – not easy, but it worked out okay last night! As they left they each got a list of “76 English Phrases for Traveling with Ease,” which they are to study for next week. I also asked them to write down one American/English singer or band they liked to listen to. Next week I will put a piece of masking tape on each kid’s forehead with a singer/band name and they will have to figure out which one they have with yes/no questions. Then we will dive into the travel phrases. That lesson plan is not made yet. Next Monday I will try to get a group photo to share in my blog post.

Never a dull moment!  Pura Vida!