“Bully” Woodpecker?

The featured photo above is a Lineated Woodpecker pecking away on a woodpecker hole that I think was already there with him enlarging it. It’s uphill from my house yesterday morning, an overcast day not really good for photos. But I tried anyway. Then along comes the smaller Hoffman’s Woodpecker (below photos) making a big fuss with the bigger woodpecker. I’m guessing that the hole was maybe the smaller bird’s home and he was fussing at the bigger “bully” taking over his home. I don’t know that for sure, but he was sure making a lot of noise and ruffling his feathers threateningly while the larger bird just kept working, ignoring the smaller bird. So, does another bully take over?

“The smaller the creature, the bolder its spirit.”

― Suzy Kassem

See my galleries for both the Lineated Woodpecker and the Hoffman’s Woodpecker photographed all over Costa Rica with much better images than these! 🙂

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