4 of My 8 Parrots at Maquenque

This trip I got photos of 4 species of parrots as shown in the 4 photos below with each followed by a link to my CR Birds Gallery for that species. Though I’ve never gotten all 8 on one visit there, the other 4 I’ve previously photographed at Maquenque are both Macaws: Scarlet & Green, the Mealy Parrot, and the Crimson-fronted Parakeet. Here’s one photo for the email notice and the other three follow online.

Red-lored Parrot, Maquenque Eco Lodge, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica

My Red-lored Parrot Gallery.

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4 Parrot Species from Maquenque

It is possible to photograph more than 4 there, but this is not bad for one lodge and two are pretty good photos, if I do say so myself.  🙂  The other two aren’t high quality, but then birds aren’t required to pose and the Crimson-fronted did everything in that tree except pose!  🙂  And until there are more grown, fruiting Almond Trees, those Green Macaws are going to keep flying over!  🙂  But anyway, here’s my record of seeing 4 different kinds of parrots at Maquenque recently . . .

Orange-chinned Parakeet, Maquenque Ecolodge, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica

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Bird Portraits

Here’s the first five portraits with more coming, though all fifty-something birds I’ve photographed will not be good enough for what I’m calling a “portrait” or “a close-up” of just one bird. Plus other types of photos are coming from Maquenque over the next few days or week, even though I return home tomorrow.

Gray Hawk at Maquenque Ecolodge & Reserve, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica.
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