Donated My Body Today!

Today I took the bus to San Jose and from bus station a taxi to the University of Costa Rica on the east side of San Jose in the San Pedro community. I went to the Medical School Faculty Building, 3rd floor, to the Anatomy Department. The nicest ladies prepared documents and a wallet card for me and served as witnesses to notarize the official document. Now if I die in Costa Rica, which is my plan, my body will go to the medical school for research or study and no family member or friend has to worry about my body at death. And I have contributed to science!

Some of you know that in Nashville I had the very same arrangements made with Vanderbilt University Medical School, but you have to die within 100 miles of the school to be accepted there. Not likely now, though if for whatever reason I would be in Nashville at the time of my death, it will still work there and not for Costa Rica.

University of Costa Rica

How to Donate Your Body to Science