Tarcoles Birds, Post 2 of 2

Post 1 was yesterday with 14 more photos of birds only. We used the Jungle Crocodile Safari for this visit and saw more birds than any other tour provided so far. The 8:30 AM tour. Presented in order of camera image numbers – I’m getting lazy!  🙂   We saw about 35 species of birds and I got somewhat decent photos of about 24. We saw one Scarlet Macaw, but no photo of it behind leaves.

Boat-billed Heron
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Bronzed Cowbird (most likely for this area, though others similar)
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Spotted Sandpiper
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Spotted Sandpiper (juvenile, thus no spots)
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Yellow Warbler
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Mangrove Hummingbird
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica
(Not really this fat, he just fluffed out his feathers)

Little Blue Heron
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Panama Flycatcher
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Wood Stork
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Tricolor Heron
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Black-crowned Night Heron
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Magnificent Frigatebird female
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Magnificent Frigatebird males, juvenile
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

And my constantly growing BIRDS Photo Gallery online

Egrets & Herons in Nicaragua

Snowy Egret flies in to Tricolored Heron
Selva Negra Mountain Resort, Nicaragua

Little Blue Heron,  Lake Nicaragua at Granada

Green Heron, Lake Nicaragua at Granada

Black-crowned Night Heron, Lake Nicaragua at Granada

Bare-throated Tiger Heron, Lake Nicaragua at Granada

Tricolored Heron, Lake Nicaragua at Granada

Snowy Egret, Lake Apanas, Jinotega, Nicaragua

Snowy Egret, Lake Apanas, Jinotega, Nicaragua

Great Egret, Lake Apanas, Jinotega, Nicaragua

“Patience” is what the egrets and herons seem to say to me! 

The end of a thing is better than its beginning; The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.

~Ecclesiastes 7:8 NKJV

Last of Tarcoles Animal Photos

I got a few more photos, but not really good enough to show (and maybe some of these neither!)

Tarcoles River before flowing into the Pacific Ocean, an hour+ drive from Atenas.
Adjacent to Carara National Park, the last transitional rainforest in the Americas.
Tarcoles, Costa Rica
Yellow-crowned Euphonia, Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Amazon Kingfisher, Tarcoles River, Costa Rica
Boat-billed Heron, a better photo than shown first day.
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Royal Tern, Tarcoles River Mouth, Costa Rica
Black-crowned Night Heron, Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Snowy Egret, Tarcoles River, Costa Rica
(With trash all around him!)

White-tailed Hawk, Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Brown Basilisk (Striped Basilisk), Tarcoles River, Costa Rica
Mangrove Crab, Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Juvenile American Crocodile, Tarcoles, Costa Rica

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“That’s what people do when they find a special place that wild and full of life, they trample it to death.” 
― Carl Hiaasen, Flush

I’m hoping that won’t happen to Tarcoles River, but during Dry Season it is full of tourists coming to see the crocodiles and what is worse, the government is building two hydroelectric dams upstream on the Tarcoles River. Plus it has already been labeled “the most polluted river in Costa Rica” as many Central Valley towns dump their sewage and industrial waste into it. Wildness is slowly disappearing everywhere, even in one of the “green” countries! And the lack of rain thus far in this year’s rainy season has been shocking to me!