Bees at Irazú & Guayabo Lodge

Three different bees that I have not tried to identify yet from my time at Guayabo Lodge, near Turrialba, Costa Rica through yesterday.

And for those who have written about my health, I went to Clinica Linea Vital for a checkup yesterday and an added visit to Santa Sophia Clinic for x-rays. Plus I got two shots and Rx’s for inflammation, swelling and something else she noted that will relieve my pains. So I do try to take care of myself, even if clumsy in my old age! 🙂


Going for the sap of an evergreen tree on Guayabo Lodge Farm by their cow pasture.

AND . . .

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A Birds and the Bees Problem

A swarm of bees building a nest on neighbor’s carport ceiling.
Don’t know the name.
Cropped in closer on hundreds of bees and corner of hive.

These bees have taken over Anthony’s hummingbird feeders and he is looking for a solution to that problem. Let me know if you have one. Knocking down this nest did not do it.

His bees stay on his hummingbird feeders, thus no birds now!
I have no such problem since my hummingbirds eat from my flowers and there are enough flowers for both the birds and the bees!  🙂  My favorite bee in my garden is the Green Orchid Bee I think I may have shown on the blog before. 
Green Orchid Bee
My Garden, Roca Verde, Atenas, Costa Rica
The hummingbirds and bees don’t seem to fight over the flowers.