Religious Art

Religious art may need an explanation for both those who know me well and for those who do not. Though I worked my entire adult life for Southern Baptists (evangelicals), I became quite disappointed with the denomination in general and the later larger concept of Evangelical Christians as I year by year watched a very ugly, mean, hateful and “unChristian” behavior of people like Paige Patterson, a major architect of “the conservative takeover” which was much more about power and politics than conservatism (which is a bad label meaning hundreds of different things and nothing). By the 90’s the mean-spirited Republican Party was just about wedded to evangelicals and I was too deep into a vocation to change – change to what? Then the rascals “downsized” me out 3 years before retirement age, though God provided beautifully for those 3 years! Add the enormous evangelical support for Donald Trump and you can see why I am no longer active in church and this disappointment was one of my reasons for moving retirement to Costa Rica.

That said, I consider myself a “spiritual” person or as I liked to say to Muslims in The Gambia, “a follower of Christ.” I explain this more on my pages of the menu item His Spirit. And furthermore my choices for religious art and how I use it is important to living in His Spirit! My tastes have changed over the years and will likely change more, but here are photos of both past and present religious art I have displayed or I am currently displaying in my house. I will later add caption giving more explanation.