Inside a Coastal Rainforest

I included “coastal” because it is a little different from an inland rainforest like I was in in May at Chachagua Rainforest Lodge – both with lots of rain and streams & ponds but the ocean front has more severe weather and a global warming rising ocean that is washing away the land and the trees one row at a time as shown in one of these photos. Further into the forest is dark and thicker trees and potentially more dangerous wildlife. I did not go too far! 🙂

I am still amazed every time I see a big tree with big roots.

Nine more photos follow . . .

CLICK an image to see full-frame and larger:

Check out some of my Flora & Forest Galleries for more like this including a gallery of nothing but tree! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

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    1. Steve, this is always a tough question to answer, especially if the asker has different priorities than I have and those priorities are changing even for me now! 🙂

      First, let’s make the location clear since you mentioned Puntarenas. It is in Puntarenas Province but no where near the town of Puntarenas. This province is the entire CR Pacific Coast south of Guanacaste all the way to the Panama border. This lodge is on Golfo Dulce across the gulf from Osa Peninsula & Puerto Jimenez north of Golfito.

      I used to rank lodges by the number of birds I photographed there and you can see that old ranking in a 2021 blog post:

      This lodge would not make the top 10 for # of birds. In fact, another lodge in that area, the other side of Piedras Blancas NP, Esquinas Rainforest Lodge, gave me 45 bird species while Cativo had 24 and my favorite lodge, Maquenque, often gives me over 60 bird species! 🙂 Arenal Observatory is my second favorite lodge for birds and almost everything else, though for general comfort, the rooms, food and forest/gardens my favorites are Xandari in Alajuela and El Silencio in Bajos del Toro. This Cativo Lodge comes close to them on food, rooms and gardens and much better cabins than Chachagua I went to recently north of San Ramon, though I loved the rainforest there. So everything is sort of relative! 🙂

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