Fellowship of the Ring

I finished both the book and the movie and I think Jackson was more true to the book with this movie than he was with The Hobbit movie. He put the death of Boromir at the end of this story rather than at the first of the next one like the book, which is really where it belongs or fits the best and he presented the passing of Boromir more poetically than Tolkien, so I liked this movie as much as the book which is different for me. 🙂 Now I’m reading The Two Towers which I remember little about.

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      1. Yes Howard, it is positve for me because I seldom like a movie as well as the book. I don’t remember much about Two Towers I just started re-reading, but the third book/movie is mostly war violence as I remember, so this ol’ pacifist probably won’t like it! 🙂

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