Rock Band at Youth Festival

Just another Rock Band to me but I guess the youth liked it.
Youth Festival Sunday Afternoon and this was the main attraction.
Central Park Atenas

I went by Sunday after sitting at Su Espacio to receive Angel Tree gifts. This Saturday morning is the Angel Tree Party and that afternoon I get a rent car. The next morning I am escaping to a new birding haven, Rancho Naturalistic, in the shadow of Turrialba Volcano. Three nights with all meals and a birding guide for just $80 a night as a ” Costa Rica resident’s” price! Been wanting to go and tried to get a time later, closer to Christmas but after next week they are booked solid. So I’m off! Nearly!

A book I’m reading on solitude quotes some neurologist saying that time immersed in nature restores the brain. Sounds good to me!  🙂   Of course I’m listening to birds right now outside my window, but getting away makes it even better!