Home Business Sign: Auto Detailing

Auto Decorations?
Of course this image makes you think of your car.
And adding decorations, audio, alarms, etc.  🙂
Atenas, Costa Rica

Across the street from the Sports Park one young man runs a business out of his garage or more likely out of his parents’ garage. And every morning he carries this portable sign out to the curb to attract other young men fortunate enough to have a car (not many). He basically adds unnecessary accessories to your car, I guess to attract women like this. Interesting home business.

Before he gets up and puts the girl out, his closed business.
Atenas, Costa Rica

I’m growing a new photo gallery: Home Business Signs – Atenas

The cars we drive say a lot about us.
~Alexandra Paul

Home Business Signless: Strawberries

“The Strawberry Woman” is what I call her. La mujer fresa
Sometimes she sells fruits/veggies from back of pickup downtown
but most often here in front of her house. The best & cheapest strawberries!
Atenas, Costa Rica

When she saw me about to make a photo, she hid behind the cart.  🙂