Water Truck Saves the Day!

Municipal Water Truck Goes Down Every Street Every Day
when the public water system is “down”
Here it is across the street from La Carreta Restaurant.
Those palm trees are at the Central Catholic Church at the Central Park.

Our public water comes from the same source as Grecia’s over a mountain or two from Atenas. It is pumped through large water mains (big pipes) through the mountains, over rivers and deep canyons to Atenas. Sometimes the water main breaks or something stops the flow. This time, for more than week now they have supposedly been trying to fix a broken pipe that goes over a canyon on a little bridge that was broken when a huge tree fell during a thunder storm. It has become a real problem for some homes and businesses that must have water – well – all must have! And most are asking “Why is it taking so long?” One article said they are waiting on parts to arrive from overseas.

Fortunately my housing development has wells and our own water system. And we are helping the neighbors outside the development with a water tap near our gate on the main road from town. And I have let a friend living in Atenas Central who comes over to my house and takes a shower when needed. Friends help each other.

Even in developing countries we depend on water! And the water truck is like a pied piper with a crowd constantly with it. It is beginning to remind me of Africa around here! We were regularly without water in The Gambia and I always kept large bottles of water “just in case.” You adapt! 🙂

Newspaper articles today (Thursday 6 October):

It is actually more of an infrastructure problem in Costa Rica everywhere but Guanacaste, the very dry northwest portion of the country. There is plenty of water elsewhere in Costa Rica but you have to get it to the people in drinkable condition! And I write this while it is pouring down rain outside!  🙂   And I am fortunate to live where there is really good well water with our own well on property! In nearly 2 years I have never been without water here, though I was for a short time once while in the apartments. 
But even if we sometimes have water problems at least one realtor here is expecting many Americans to move here based on the November 8 election outcome! 

Well, if you are a Trump supporter, I hope you find another country to move to! I will not personally welcome you to Costa Rica!

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