COVID19 Precautions at Bus Station

Going to Alajuela the other day I snapped a cellphone photo of the mask-requirement sign and the markers on the sidewalk to make sure we stand in line 1.8 meters apart (the same as 6 feet), but failed to snap the hand-washing station you must use before going in bus or in the little coffee shop.

Mask-wearing is required in public by national law now and almost everyone wears a mask. I only occasionally see a man or young person cheating but they usually have a mask in their hand or in their pocket.

¡Pura Vida!

How to wash your hands?

Not only are we required to wash our hands before entering the supermarket, but they have a sign from the Ministry of Health showing us how!   🙂   But hey! We don’t have thousands dying from COVID19 in Costa Rica!

 “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”    ~Benjamin Franklin

¡Pura Vida!


Costa Rica has the lowest COVID19 death rate (0.86%) in Latin America! See the statistics in the “Live in Costa Rica” blog report:

The Best Country to Live In.