Active Sloth

An oxymoron? Maybe, because they do sleep about 80% of their time and for why you will have to read about sloths on Wikipedia – the animal, not the cardinal sin!   🙂   The one sleeping in a tree near my room at Cristal Ballena Hotel near Uvita, Costa Rica decided to move around about the time I went out to check on him and here’s a portfolio of his activity.   🙂    Click image to enlarge or start slide show:


“Live Slow”

Says my Sloth T-shirt



¡Pura Vida!


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This trip gallery:  2019-September 13-21–Cristal Ballena, Uvita

Other Wildlife from Panama

Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth Mother with Child
Soropta Canal, Changuinola near Bocas del Toro, Panama

Juvenile Green IguanaSoropta Canal, Changuinola near Bocas del Toro, Panama

Unknown Insect
On our mainland highland hike near Bocas del Toro, Panama

Blue Crab or Mangrove Crab 
 Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge, Bocas del Toro, Panama

Common Basilisk or “Jesus Christ Lizard” 
 Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge, Bocas del Toro, Panama
Stumbled on this wonderful researchers website on the Bocas del Toro Ecosystem which is a local station of the Institute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation. 
There was other wildlife, but this is representative. We heard lots of Howler Monkeys but there are none on the lodge’s island. The family saw some at the chocolate farm visit. The only monkeys on Bastimentos Island are White-faced Capuchin, but we saw none. 
For more Central American wildlife other than birds see my Other Wildlife photo gallery.

Bocas del Toro Archipelago, Panama

Finishing My Caribe Report with Galleries

For my last morning’s sunrise I watch fishermen go out. And . . .
Below are four categories of my photos not shown yet
all linked to sub-galleries in this trip gallery with
more bikes, birds, nature and culture photos.
Caribe Bicycles
The Major Mode of Transportation
Puerto Viejo, Caribe, Costa Rica

Masked Tityra
Samasati Reserve

Actually we walked down a rural road in front of the reserve.
Near Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

3-Toed Sloth
Cahuita National Park 

 Near Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Interesting Signs
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

These all represent things I found interesting in the Costa Rica Caribe and made a lot of photos of each. The linked title takes you to a sub-gallery on that subject with most birds in the Samasati gallery. Or to just thumb through my whole Caribe Trip, go to the trip gallery:

Other Animals at Manzanillo

Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth
Kekoldi Bribri Reserve near Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
Cool! He was at eye-level right along-side the hiking path.
Closest I have ever been to one in the wild like this.


Central American Spider Monkey
Manzanillo, Costa Rica


Mantled Howler Monkey
Manzanillo, Costa Rica


Central American Agouti
Manzanillo, Costa Rica
Northern Tamandua Anteater
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
In field outside entrance to Jaguar Rescue Center
Sand Crab
Manzanillo, Costa Rica
These guys were all along the board walk between my tent & the beach.


Black-mandibled Toucan
Manzanillo, Costa Rica
Flying over the Ara Project grounds
Forgot him on the birds day! 🙂

See my galleries of birds, insects and other animals + people/places in my new galleries:

Charlie Doggett’s COSTA RICA  & scroll down for the folders of gallery categories.

TOMORROW I will show you my unique safari tent hotel in Manzanillo and the following day photos of the beautiful beach right outside my tent. And finally, three days of reports on the three institutions I visited while in the South Caribbean: The Ara Project (Green Macaws), Jaguar Rescue Center, and the Kekoldi Bribri Indigenous People Reserve.

I expect to explore the Caribbean every September which is the month this rainforest area of Costa Rica has the least amount of rain and thus less hiking in mud! (Interestingly September is the month the rest of Costa Rica has the most rain.) My favorite spot in the Caribe so far is in the north Caribbean coast, Tortuguero National Park. It is a favorite place to take guests from the states, so I will go there any time of the year and hope to make it there sometime when the turtles are laying their eggs, March-May for Leatherbacks and July-October for Green Turtles. So I will never run out of something to do in the Caribbean of any other part of Costa Rica with so many parks and places I am yet to visit! The adventures continue! What a retirement!

Manuel Antonio National Park

Baby Green Parrot Snake in the Pacific coastal rainforest of
Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica
Shot with cell phone through a spotting scope
Three-toed Sloth
Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica
Shot with cell phone through a spotting scope
Glass Frog
Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica
Shot with cell phone through a spotting scope
Rare and elusive Squirrel Monkey
Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica
Shot with my Canon Rebel, 75-300 mm lens
A People-Watching White-faced Capuchin Monkey
Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica
Shot with my Canon Rebel, 75-300 mm lens
Sunset from El Avion Restaurant
Manual Antonio, Costa Rica
Cell Phone photo

We spent the morning on a guided tour of Manuel Antonio National Park with a guide who had a spotting scope making some of these photos possible. The web connection is still slow, but I was more patient today uploading these 5 photos, though it took about an hour. Only a couple of birds today, but a lot of birds yesterday which I will show some of after back home in Atenas with a faster internet. We are tried a different approach to the sunset tonight by eating in a restaurant overlooking the ocean. Not as good as last night, but we accomplished dinner at the same time!

Quepos and Manuel Antonio towns are like Gatlinburg, horrible tourist traps next to a wonderful National Park like Gatlinburg with the Smoky Mountain National Park. Our older, simple hotel is nice and right on the beach unlike most. They have no restaurant, but there is one next door serving all three meals. We had lunch in a nice restaurant near the park today and tonight’s in an old airplane, El Avion, which overlooks the beach and ocean. Different!