New Bird Calendars Started

My shop has always had wall calendars available, mostly with Tennessee and Nashville photos and one old Costa Rica birds calendar from my 2009 trip. Just deleted that one and added two more this week with three more Costa Rica Bird Calendars planned. Here’s the covers and links to the first two:

I think it is cool with hawks, falcons, guans, caracaras and curassows!
You can see each month’s photo by clicking that month description page.

This is the most colorful of all 5 bird calendars with
parrots, toucans, macaws, motmots, trogons, cuckoos, etc.
And here is what the inside or one month of all these calendars looks like, this particular one with a photo of two Scarlet Macaws in a tree. The photos are large, 8.5 X 11 inches and the calendar portion the same with plenty of space to write down appointments. 

Three more bird calendars are planned for “Hummingbirds, Small Birds and Medium-sized Birds” if I can’t think of more creative titles!   🙂

And if you don’t care for birds, there are more calendars with photos from Nashville Zoo, Tennessee State Parks and Nashville in general plus some general landscape calendars, a barns calendar and a Scripture Verses calendar. AND ANY CALENDAR YOU ORDER CAN START IN ANY MONTH YOU CHOOSE, LIKE A MARCH TO FEBRUARY CALENDAR IF YOU LIKE!

Link to the total CafePress Shop

Or link to just calendars
Or link to just the new CR Birds T-Shirts

Nature as Art

“Nature As Art” Business Card

I still have my “Enjoying Retirement” business cards but these are for a select few wanting photos:
NOTICE: I introduced a NEW BUSINESS CARD in September 2018 with one of my bird photos.
Okay, I’m not resurrecting my old photography business in the full sense, but a few persons have asked about getting my photos, so using what is already online, my photos are available for order through three websites I already use. Those sites produce the items and make the money with a small % to me.
  1. For Wall Art the Smugmug Shop has good options (click “BUY” at bottom of enlarged photo) and my new favorite is the wall art photo printed on metal in the glossy format.I’ve ordered several for my house walls here in Costa Rica – birds of course!  🙂  There are several other items available with any of my photos printed on them under the headings of “Keepsakes” and “Phone Cases” and the best part is there are more photos to choose from on my Smugmug gallery!
  2. The Cafe Press shop THIS SHOP CLOSED was set up years ago with Tennessee + USA photos you can still order if you like and one old Costa Rica Birds Calendar. I am slowly adding new Costa Rica photos here and items not available on my newer Smugmug Shop like T-shirts and calendars.   See the direct link to Costa Rica Birds T-Shirts below. I plan to add some new bird calendars soon, then other items. Slowly! I’m retired!  🙂
  3. My Bookstore is another animal!  I mainly make the photo books for my own personal enjoyment and a way to show some of my photos to other people here locally. One of each is available to see in my Living Room. And all are available for purchase and include more than just reports on trips. I have even put a lifetime of scrapbooks together photographically in a 4-volume biography set of books for family history buffs. And yeah, there may be a fifth volume eventually about my retirement in Costa Rica.  🙂
The business cards were recently ordered and will be used locally when someone here asks about buying my photos. But you guys in the states have the same access to internet orders with less expensive shipping and no import tax, so maybe they are a better deal for you!  🙂   Enjoy!
Nature As Art
Costa Rica Style
Though I have this wall too full (cluttered), here are examples of both metal and canvas wall art photos.
Atenas, Costa Rica



Costa Rica Birds on T-Shirts(CLICK title to see all 30+ choices)
Squirrel Cuckoo Men’s  Classic T-Shirt
If you like birds and like having them on T-Shirts, here’s 30+ choices of birds you can wear on a very high quality T-Shirt from my store. (More to be added) In another section of that store you can find more birds on T-Shirts that I photographed earlier in various places in the United States including the Florida Everglades & Nashville Zoo. And also other products like calendars, coffee mugs or canvas tote bags. Fun!
Sunbittern Women’s Classic T-Shirt

Wear Nature!


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¡Pura Vida!
Retired in Costa Rica