Persistent Flower!

Anthuriums have almost always done well in my garden and even better in a big pot on my terrace where they get sun about 80% of the day. They grow in one shady part of my garden with almost no sun, but not as well and with smaller & fewer flowers. But this week I observed this “stray” among my taller plants that get 60+% sunshine, mostly midday. I did not plant the anthurium there where the taller plants get all of the sun, but look what this flower did that somehow got planted among the tall ones! It sent the flower stem up through the tall plants to a height of 5 ft 3 inches, that’s 63 inches or 160 centimeters! It’s the first time I’ve seen an anthurium shoot up that high! It is obviously one strong and persistent flower! 🙂

Anthurium reaching over 5 feet up for sunshine.

See the ones in a pot with about 80% sun and another in almost total shade. They all seem to do well, but the above one shows that sunshine is important to any flower, even one that grows in the shade. 🙂

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