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Today was the day! With help from a professional at Codeable my blog was moved from Blogger to WordPress today as the first page of my new website using WordPress: Retired in Costa Rica,  Click link to see it all live. A Blog excerpt is on the Home Page and the whole thing as first menu item named: Blog


Because of the move you who have been subscribers should have received an email from WordPress (check your Spam folder if not). It is very important that you CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION by clicking a link in the email that takes you to a WordPress subscriptions page where you click again to confirm. Otherwise you will no longer receive the email version of my blog.


I’m hoping to improve the blog by shortening the posts and using fewer photos to not overwhelm you. It now dovetails into my website with lots of personal static information pages, family history and cemetery data pages, and lots of stories to be added as I rebuild the site that was started in 2000 while in The Gambia, West Africa. I’m just starting the time-consuming job of rebuilding, so please be patient. Once the static pages are rebuilt and new ones added, I will consider moving my photo gallery from SmugMug to the website so that everything is in one place. But one thing at a time!  🙂


Links to my old Blogger posts will be forwarded to the same post on WordPress. So any post you have linked to is still a good link.

Sorry to say that links to my old personal website will not! Family history researchers can still find the new pages on as before but with a new address. Email me if you need an article’s address and can’t find it. I have the only detailed information pages on the two Hardgrave family cemeteries in Nashville and the only webpage about our family war hero Earl Doggett completed, available now!

Let me know what you would like to see different in the blogs or the website.