Soy estudiante de español

Yes, I’m now a student of Spanish, having had my first class on Thursday where
we got acquainted and greeted in Spanish. Though we have a text, our homework this week is all on the internet where we listen to the alphabet, vowels, consonants, and of course sentences or conversations, trying to train our ears to hear and speak as a Spanish-speaker.

The class is conversational Spanish, meaning the emphasis is on talking more than reading or studying grammar, though it will all be included. 9 were pre-enrolled in the class and 5 showed up the first day, with me being the only Senor. This is going to be fun?!

I believe that learning a new language will help me fight off dementia and keep me younger! And no! 74 is not too old to learn a language! (I just might be a tad slower at it!) But everything is slower in the Latin culture!

This beginner class runs to the middle of December. Then I’ll go to Costa Rica and get a local class or teacher near where I live and move on from there. A big part of the adventure! I will not be the “Ugly American” who refuses to learn the local language. But for my American friends, I’ll keep this blog in English. 🙂