My Lotusland?

Some of you know that I subscribe to Merriam-Webster’s “Word of the Day” and today’s word is my post for today.

April 12
lotusland audio pron   LOH-tus-land 
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a place inducing contentment especially through offering an idyllic living situation
a state or an ideal marked by contentment often achieved through self-indulgence
I have carefully avoided using the word “paradise” to describe Costa Rica or my little small town of Atenas, but the above description of the word lotusland, has a more natural or realistic image of what I am experiencing in my new home. 
1. It is partly the place, partly the simple lifestyle, partly the lack of stress, and partly the people that induces contentment for me here. Though the word “idyllic” may be a stretch, it is a place in nature and close to more nature experiences than I have had in any other living situation other than maybe The Gambia, to which I have regularly compared Costa Rica, though everything is better here. My idea of idyllic is being in nature, so maybe it fits as an idyllic living situation for me. 
2. I must admit that there is an element of self-indulgence for me here, especially in eating what I like and want and often doing whatever I want to do. I’m trying to avoid groups and commitments that have expectations of me as I felt in so many ways in the states. The planned move to what is a luxury house for me (small and simple but with so much more than the current apartment) is another form of self-indulgence. I will of course share more about it after the move.  I may live on that deck!   🙂
View from a neighbor’s house in my new neighborhood.
In Roca Verde the views are generally more expansive than apartments.

Okay, so I’m moving to a rich neighborhood in a gated community of big houses like I said I would never do! Well, mine is probably the smallest house in Roca Verde and at about the same price as my apartment. And this is my indulgence now. I will probably be the only person who will walk to the Supermarket, and that is okay with me. I’ll be healthier without an SUV! And if its raining, I use a taxi! And I will be just one mile from the town center. And you can still see the VIRTUAL TOUR of my new house.