“TRANQUILO” – My Favorite Spanish Word!

Tranquilo calm, quiet, peaceful, relaxed, laid-back, unfazed – are some of the English words the online Spanish Dictionary (spanishdict.com) lists as equivalents.

Above: Tranquilo Sunrise at Macaw Lodge, Carara NP
Feature photo at top: Tranquilo Sunset on Calle Barroeta, Atenas

At first I wrote a lengthy essay on my need for “tranquilo” and how it has changed me, then decided it was “too much.” 🙂 So I’ll just let the photos speak for . . .

A “TRANQUILO” life of “Retired in Costa Rica.”

¡Pura Vida!

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“De Cabin in de Wata” Next Week

Next Thursday I’m back to the most laid back part of Costa Rica, Caribe Sur! That’s the South Caribbean and my favorite hotel there, Banana Azul (in their best room overlooking the beach!) And now there is a new video about the town it is located in (best seen fullscreen):


And the first song (De Cabin in de Wata) in that video is an original Costa Rica Caribbean and not Jamaican like so many of the singers there use.  I immediately thought of the theater movie Güilas, which I wrote about earlier that used this same song in their Limon Province story. The song also has its own video that’s as good if you like more nature instead of people and this one includes the words on the screen:

De Cabin in de Wata

And the same Costa Rican singer, Walter Ferguson, also has this nice song:


Everything is very relaxed and authentic on the Caribbean side. I try to go every September or October when rain is lowest there and will go again in February to another favorite place, Tortuguero. Part of my . . .

¡Pura Vida!