Base Jump Highest Bridge?

You must be crazy, very young (or both?) or maybe a professional base jumper? It just so happens that the highest railroad bridge in Costa Rica is over the Rio Grande River right here in my adopted hometown of Atenas, Alajuela Province. But no trains have gone over it for many years and it is not considered safe and so difficult to get to, I don’t even have a photo of it. It would require me to illegally walk down a busy freeway and onto the freeway bridge over the river to get this old picture, which is from Tico Times online newspaper and very old since it shows a train going over the bridge! 🙂 Some people now walk over the RR Bridge but not me! 🙂

Read all about the crazy American who jumped off this bridge with a parachute and then got lost trying to find his way out of the canyon. Hmmmm. 🙂 In this Tico Times Article in English which includes a video of the guy jumping off which I also include in my continued post:

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City Hall’s Christmas Decor Features Famous RR Bridge

The new Christmas Tree at Atenas City Hall this year features our famous Railroad Bridge over the Rio Grande River  complete with a little model train going over it! Very Christmasy and Very Atenas! Link above is to a Google search of photos of the real bridge, no longer in service.

2018 Christmas Decorations at City Hall, Atenas, Costa Rica featuring  our famous bridge:   Puente Ferrocarril Rio Grande Atenas


Photo copied from TripAdvisor of our famous   Puente Ferrocarril Rio Grande Atenas       

Bridge is also featured in our Atenas chamber of commerce video:

“Atenas: Best Weather in the World.”  

¡Pura Vida!