Where I’m Going for 4 Nights

Yellow-throated Toucan
I photographed at Manzanillo

Somehow I have missed going to one of the most popular birding areas in Costa Rica during my first two years here, so that is my Christmas present to myself, leaving tomorrow (23rd). The Sarapiqui River runs along the base of the mountain chain down the center spine of the country that separates the Pacific and Atlantic (or Caribbean) slopes. It is on the Caribbean slope just northeast of San Jose, about 3.5 hours drive from Atenas unless I’m told a mountain shortcut is in good condition, then maybe 2.5 hours drive through the countryside north of San Jose (otherwise it takes an extra hour to drive through San Jose and over mountains of Braulio Carillo National Park). An adventure either way!  🙂  When I feel more confident with my Spanish, I will make these trips more adventurous by riding the bus to the closest town to a park or lodge, in this case Puerto Viejo Sarapiqui.

The Google Map is the most accurate presentation except that the time does not allow for the hour lost driving through San Jose and the park, bumper to bumper.

I am staying at Selva Verde Lodge which I would not have to leave to see and photograph hundreds of birds! But what made the place famous is the research and educational center La Selva Biological Research Station which I will get to visit my last day there. And then there is one commercial place I may visit that friends have bragged about called Dave & Dave’s Nature Park. I will be busy with morning and afternoon birding hikes plus one boat trip on the Sarapiqui River. A great Christmas plan for me!  🙂

Selva Verde Lodge, Puerto Viejo Sarapiqui, Costa Rica