Costa Rica Pineapples

Display of Pineapples in Supermarket in Centro Atenas
Priced at ₡374 a kilo which in dollars today is about 65¢
Atenas, Costa Rica


Buyers of Costa Rican Pineapples Can Understand How Producers Are Handling Environmental Impact

The Costa Rica Star online English-language newspaper
How Costa Rica farmers are working to avoid deforestation that plagues the industry around the world. Each farm is given a rating by the United Nations to guide wholesale buyers in their environmental impact. Important!

Fast Facts About Sustainable Pineapple Production in Costa Rica    United Nations

Pineapple Production in Costa Rica Provides Over 30,000 Jobs   The Costa Rica Star


And since most of our pineapples are grown on the Caribbean side of the country, I’ll add this article about their airport that I use some:
Airport in Limon, Costa Rica Will Receive an Investment of Over $2.6 million  The Costa Rica Star online English-language newspaper
Basically this means a larger terminal building on the beach-side landing strip. They already have an indoor terminal, but tiny with little more than a waiting room and restrooms. Hopefully this will encourage the tourism on the caribbean side of the country that I like to visit at least once a year.
Here is my photo gallery of Small Plane Flight to Limon last September for my stay at Banana Azul. And here are my photo of the current Limon Airport Terminal: 
The current terminal at 
Limon Airport, Costa Rica
I photographed last September.

And the current landing strip on the beach
Yeah,that blacktop road is the landing strip.
Limon Airport, Costa Rica

For more of my photos of Costa Rica see galleries: Charlie Doggett’s COSTA RICA

Tropical Blossom Haiku

In My Home Garden
Atenas, Costa Rica


Environmental agency orders suspension of pineapple farming project
which means that the American imperialists (Del Monte) cannot destroy any more of our wetlands and forests. Yay! I’m glad that the government here is defending our environment. This particular case is on the Osa Peninsula near Corcovado where I just traveled. Costa Rica is recognized internationally for protecting its land and environment and has 25% of the land set aside as national parks or reserves. And don’t feel sorry for Del Monte. There is plenty of legal land they can build pineapple farms on with plenty of cheap labor to make them rich!

The Dollar is at its highest value in Costa Rica right now, meaning a good time for U.S. people to visit or vacation or buy property here when you get more colones for the dollar, as much as C581 this article says. It had been at around 530 for a long time which was good, but this is better!  🙂 Best in the last 7 years says the article!

Costa Rica Fresh Fruit!

On Feria Day (Farmers’ Market Day) I process some of the fruit purchased . . .

. . . and then have a fruit plate for lunch!  🙂

I cut up half or more of the mango, pineapple and papaya into little squares and put in zip lock bags in the freezer to use in my fresh fruit frescos, refrescos de frutas, batidos, jugo de naturales or just smoothies for people from the states. And there are a lot of other names for drinks made from fresh fruit, plus a rice, cinnamon, and milk drink call horchata or an even better version with vanilla ice cream called leche muella. Fruit rules in Costa Rica!

Images, Descriptions & Uses of The Tropical Fruits of Costa Rica  NEAT PAGE!
Probably at least one fruit here you have never heard of! And sorry, but I have not tried all of them yet! And this list is not all of the fruits found here. 

When eating a fruit, think of the person who planted the tree.
~Vietnamese saying